Skirts, Squid, and Mancha Lures

Over the years we’ve sourced skirts from virtually every major dipper out there. In most cases, the quality was good but no company had skirts in stock and ready to ship. Plus, deliveries for skirts were taking longer and longer and were out many months. In addition, prices have gone up over time for something as simple as a skirt.

After discussing the problems and seeing the process in action, we came to the conclusion that there is no simple skirt. Out of our discussions with Jim Shaw, expert skirt maker and owner of Tuna Tails, a partnership grew which culminated in the new C&H Lures Skirts, Squids, and Mancha Lure program! Here, every skirt is 100% hand-dipped and made in a multi-step process by Jim and his incredible team at Tuna Tails.