Titanium Surfstrand 1x7 Leaders

AFW’s super-elastic Titanium Surfstrand Leaders stretch to absorb the strike of a fish, then snap back and recover during the hook-set. These leaders are made with AFW’s special blend of Titanium alloy wire - engineered to deliver tremendous strength along with dramatic kink resistance. Fish with confidence knowing these are among the highest quality leaders available. Crimped ends are covered with black shrink wrap for a smooth, low profile, stealthy design.

Leaders are made with AFW 100% Stainless Steel Mighty Mini Swivels with a compact design that is up to 3x’s stronger than brass swivels – providing less drag and smooth rotation. Snaps are high strength stainless steel crosslock style for maximum security. Use Titanium Surfstrand Leaders for the best kink resistance, superior flexibility and unmatched kink resistance. Wire made in USA by AFW.

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