AFW Fishing Brands - About Us

AFW Brands is a legendary line-up of innovative brands of line, leader, terminal tackle, tools, accessories and lures for saltwater and freshwater fishing. Each brand has a rich history of product developments and industry breakthroughs dating back to 1926.


Although each brand stands alone, they are united together by one common philosophy: helping anglers everywhere enjoy fishing with family and friends and catching more fish!

1926 No Alibi
1959 Nickelure
1961 Triple Fish
1976 C&H Lures
1979 AFW
1982 HI-SEAS
1993 Billy Baits


AFW is the leading US wire leader producer and the originator the world’s first knottable leader wire. We offer the industry’s most complete line of wire products made in the United States. Our brands include Tooth Proof, Surflon, Surfstrand and 49 Strand. We also offer a wide array of advanced products including kink-free and knottable wire, copper trolling wire and Mighty Mini 100% stainless steel tackle.

Hi-Seas is rapidly becoming the line of choice by many top anglers, pros and TV personalities. We offer a complete line of mono, fluorocarbon and super line products. Grand Slam, Quattro, Black Widow and Hi-Seas 100% fluorocarbon are asked by name worldwide. Together, both brands offer a complete range of fishing gear ranging from line and leader to tools and gloves.

The C&H Lures brand has been synonymous with big game offshore fishing since 1976. Known for creating innovative fishing lures by working closely with tournament winning captains, it has grown and acquired additional brands to include NO ALIBI, NICKELURE, and BILLY BAITS.

Born in the Florida Keys in 1993, Billy Baits have been raising fish in record numbers ever since. This innovative line of metal head trolling lures is deadly effective for catching tuna, wahoo, dolphin, sailfish, blue marlin, white marlin, striped marlin and kingfish. Every Billy Bait is designed to run straight and true and to be irresistible to game fish.

The Original Triple Fish, European-made monofilament and fluorocarbon fishing lines, is back and better than ever!  Triple Fish is known for dependable lines and leaders at economical prices points, and we plan to build on this 57 year tradition!


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