Surflon Micro Ultra 1x19 Nylon Coated Leader Wire

Surflon Micro Ultra 19 strand is more flexible than our Surflon 1x7 (p. 38), but not as flexible as our Surflon Micro Supreme 7x7 (p. 36). Surflon Micro Ultra has a smooth nylon coating that adds kink resistance, provides longer life, and makes the wire easy to knot. You can attach this leader wire using common monofilament knots such as the Albright Knot, Clinch Knot, Nail Knot, Perfection Loop, Surgeon’s Loop, Uni-Knot, etc... Low stretch and high sensitivity allow for fast hook sets and remarkable performance.

The limp, supple qualities make it especially well-suited for fly fishing tippet and predator leaders where life-like bait presentation is required along with strong bite protection. Surflon Micro Ultra is an economical alternative to Surflon Micro Supreme and an excellent leader wire for Barracuda, Billfish, Bluefish, King Mackerel, Shark, Wahoo, and other game fish. Made in USA by AFW.

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