Mity Lites

Mity Lite™
Mity Lites are proven effective for swordfish, grouper, snapper, halibut, and other species that are attracted to light. Mity Lites come in a variety of colors including Green, Blue, Purple, Red, and White. When one color is not enough, use the Mardi Gras Mity Lite. Slightly lager than the standard Mity Light, the Mardi Gras rotates through five different glowing colors. Max depth 800 meters water resistant, two batteries included (easy to install). A proven winner in North and South Florida!

Mega Lite
The Mega Lite is the big brother of the Mity Lite family of fishing lights. Five inches in height, runs on one AA battery, and uses swivels on both ends to eliminate twisting. Max depth 500 meters water resistant.