Wahoo Whacker XL

Overall Length: 16 in (40.1 cm) | 11 oz (311 g) Head

Wahoo absolutely love this big lure trolled at high speeds. The Wahoo Whacker XL has an 11 oz urethane coated head and two 12 inch skirts. This lure is built to handle speeds of twenty knots. Works great with a trolling lead or on the surface. No bait necessary. The XL works best when trolled 8 knots or faster. Catches of large dolphin and blue marlin have also been reported..


Rigged & Ready versions (denoted with an ‘XRC’ in the part number) features a 10/0 Mustad Hooks (2), AFW Swivel, 275 lb (90.6 kg) AFW Cable, 6 ft (1.8 m).

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