Grand Slam Braid

When you want the ultimate in sensitivity and bone-jarring hook sets, there’s only one line to have on your reels - HI-SEAS Grand Slam Braid - the line that gives you more of what you buy a super braid for! Grand Slam Braid is thinner, rounder, and packs uniformly on spinning and conventional reels. The line will not bury in reels, knots are stronger and don’t slip, and abrasion resistance is greatly enhanced. Its 4, 6, 8, & 16 carrier construction and compact diameter reduces wind knots and rod tip wraps.

You’ll cast further and feel your lures working like never before with unprecedented performance. Because the line has near zero stretch, even the most subtle bites will be transmitted back to your hands for immediate response. When it’s time to set the hook, a flick of the wrist will do the job! Grand Slam Braid is the absolute pinnacle of fishing performance. Its a line that can make anyone fish more like a pro! Made in USA.

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